Adding Tool Tip Text To Form Components

Add this to the global variables & classes declarations

	private: ToolTip^ toolTip1;
Add this to the constructor

	//----- CREATE TOOL TIP TEXT -----
	toolTip1 = gcnew ToolTip;
Add this to the formLoad Event

	//----- SETUP TOOL TIP TEXT -----
	toolTip1->AutoPopDelay = 5000;		//mS - time ToolTip remains visible if the pointer is stationary on a control with specified ToolTip text
	toolTip1->InitialDelay = 800;		//mS
	toolTip1->ReshowDelay = 500;			//mS - time before subsequent ToolTip windows appear as the pointer moves from one control to another
	toolTip1->ShowAlways = true;			//Force the ToolTip text to be displayed whether or not the form is active.

	toolTip1->SetToolTip(this->btnExit, "Exit");
	toolTip1->SetToolTip(this->checkBox1, "My checkBox1");

ToolTip text is not displayed for controls that are disabled. Unless the ShowAlways property is set to true – if a button is disabled it doesn’t seem to work. When you want to disable a button but say create a message box when its clicked, or have it still show tool tip text you can use:

->ForeColour = System::Drawing::SystemColors::ControlText		//for normal button
->ForeColour = System::Drawing::SystemColors::InactiveCaptionText	//for disabled button

and then just to a check in the buttons click function.

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