List Box With More Options

Need columns, colouring, icons etc? Use a List View

Creating a List Box

SelectionMode – Decide how many lines may be selected at a time by the user
MultiColumn – Not what you think! A multicolumn ListBox places items into as many columns as are needed to make vertical scrolling unnecessary.
Sorted – Allows the list to be automatically sorted
Text – Read to get currently selected item, write to cause it to move to matching item

Erasing the contents of a List Box


Erasing Individual Items In A List Box

	while (lstMySelectOptions->Items->Count)
		lstMySelectOptions->Items->RemoveAt(0);	//(RemoveAt works on index number)

Adding items to a List Box

	lstMySelectOptions->BeginUpdate();		//Stop painting of the ListBox as items are added
	lstMySelectOptions->Items->Add("Item A");
	lstMySelectOptions->Items->Add("Item B");

Getting Currently Selected Item

	if (lstMySelectOptions->SelectedIndex >= 0)		//Ensure a list item is selected (-1 if not)
		UserId = lstMySelectOptions->SelectedIndex;

Selecting Items

   lstMySelectOptions->SetSelected(1, true);
   lstMySelectOptions->SetSelected(3, true);
   lstMySelectOptions->SetSelected(5, true);

Colouring Items

Use a ListView instead – gives full options over each item in the list.

Double Click

The double click point will be the current selectedindex

	private: System::Void lstResults_MouseDoubleClick(System::Object^  sender, System::Windows::Forms::MouseEventArgs^  e)
		btnViewData_Click(this, gcnew EventArgs());


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