So you have an electronic design you need undertaking.  This could be anything from some relatively straightforward PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design to a development needing technical consultancy, electronic design, CAD PCB layout, prototype manufacture, embedded programming, technical authoring and enclosure design

For an electronic design company to be able to provide a quotation they will need the design requirements to be specified and a technology consultant can be used for this if needed.  As well as defining the specifications a technology consultant can also be used to carry out research and development if needed.

As with any development process planning is essential along with sufficient time to carry out each of the design stages.  Prior to the final CAD PCB layout circuit elements will often need testing and possibly refinement using electronic prototyping techniques.  This allows the designers to carry out development to a point, but the final prototype PCB will then be required to ensure the design performs as required and without signal noise issues.

An electronic design may be technically brilliant, but if the product doesn’t look the part will anyone buy it?  It can be the case that a technically brilliantly product is a flop because not enough importance was placed on its style and look at the design stage and it is therefore important to consider this.

The unbelievable progress in computing has also lead to incredible progress in embedded micro-controllers and processors and most electronic devices these days will incorporate at least one embedded computerised device of some sort.  Programming these is a specialist tasks that often requires a large chunk of the development time.  Programming is often undertaken in C to provide maximum power and flexibility.

Typically the manufacture of an electronic design is carried out by a low cost manufacturer, often off shore in low cost labour regions, and not by the design company.  Electronic manufacturers do not typically have high levels of expertise in design but are often able to achieve very low manufacture costs especially if a product is manufactured in high volume.  The designers need to provide sufficient documentation for the manufacturer to quote and then enter production of the product.

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